Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Toast

This morning I was again elected President of Renaissance Speakers, Toastmasters Club #2374. When I was last President, in 1998-99, we took the club to the #4 position in the world out of approximately 9,000 clubs (at the time). Currently, I plan to "place hold" for one of our members who is in Florida finishing up a course of study in Clearwater. Her indefinite return to Los Angeles has set me planning for the entire new Toastmaster year beginning in July 2007. We have as yet to set a "theme" for the year and I'll need to have the first meeting of the new executive council to set the club goals, and then there is District 52 officer training mid-July.

When you have an internationally top-rated club, there are standards to uphold and improve upon. The council is, for the most part, 'green' and will need a bit of tempering, but with the assistance I can count upon from the 'old hands' I'm sure there will be no difficulty in overcoming any errors they may make. After all, Toastmasters is an educational public speaking activity and if there weren't things to learn then what is the point?

I'm looking forward to the challenges and rewards ahead. God I wish this were a paying position!

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jere said...

Ray -

I'm sure you'll do well with the presidency of Renaissance Speakers.

It almost makes me wish I could live once again in Los Angeles....

Just kidding.