Monday, September 28, 2009

An Anniversary

Last week was my 29th Wedding Anniversary! Carol and I had a wonderful day together (everyday is wonderful together). Instead of "going out" we rented a French DVD and stayed home watching and eating chocolate-chip vanilla mint ice cream.

I really wanted to get Carol something nice for this anniversary, but somehow couldn't seem to think of anything right. She surprised me and wrote a lovely poem to me entitled "Twenty-Nine Reasons Why" which got to me to say the least. I mulled a few days on this and decided to gift her with a creation of my own.

   Here it is:

A crystalline, hummingbird, dog poop world.
for Carol of our 29th wedding anniversary

No twenty-nine reasons why as
   ten to the twenty-ninth power is not enough blessing for you.
The vast span of Universes thin or broad
   not quantity nor quality true.
Deep is in your eyes that follow me with glances
   true to our visions.

See the hummingbird shimmer in the backyard
   as he flutters then rises vertical to disappear.
Smell the untended dog poop lying in the sun
   because I forgot to clean up before the trashman.
Hear the clash of the neighbors, babysitters, joggers
   parading down canyon central.

Here is our crystal world a snowball
   with a scene and flakes if you turn it upsidedown.
World a nothingness tinged with sad
   without your brightness and kiss.
Smile now for twenty-nine but expect all and more
   for thirty and beyond created evermore!

Copyright ©2009 R.E.Korns

Happy Anniversary Sweet One! May the Sun continue to shine in our hearts.

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