Friday, October 5, 2007

Darth Buddy

My daughter has a pug named Buddy. It is a little fur-ball that has been in motion for the last six years (at least). I swear, I've seen that dog quiet and asleep only once. She wanted a cute lap dog, what she got was a meteor.

Buddy had, as a puppy, a habit of being able to jump straight up in the air about four feet (nearly to eye level) to be able to get your attention. Buddy grew up with our dog Winston. Winston is a husky/shepard mix, about 68 pounds and four times Buddy's size. Although Winston is a quiet, conservative dog, Buddy taught him this vertical jump and huge Winston does jump to eyelevel scaring the crap out of some visitors.

Buddy breathes like Darth Vader through his facemask. You can hear it now if you listen: Shhhhhhh Twoooosh, Shhhhhhh Twoooosh. If he ever sleeps, then I'm sure if you sleep nearby you might feel better keeping your light-sabre handy.

Recently, I've met a couple of people like Buddy. Going and going and going. You wonder if they ever stop to reflect on any of their actions or on anything for that matter! Most, fortunately, are just energetic in achieving their goals, but some seem to work for the Evil Empire Emperor. One just wishes that they would add the "Darth" appellation to their business card (and the costume and mask would help too).

Can you just see meeting "Darth Fred - Sith" in a dark conference room, looking at his business card (and costume) and knowing you might be in for a tough time.

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